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Focus Topics

AI for Cybersecurity and Data Protection
Data collection and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are becoming the cornerstone of the cybersecurity industry. And at the same time we have to think about how we can ensure the security requirements of critical applications and the safety and confidentiality of data communication and processing.

AI for Humanity
We already observe that AI-based innovations are powering some of the most cutting-edge solutions we use in our daily lives and in almost every field of industry. It is therefore only natural to use AI also to solve the challenges of humanity such as how to tackle climate change, health challenges (e.g., pandemics), the future of food, energy and transportation and other social good use cases.

Developing, deploying and operating machine learning-based systems (MLOps)
Data Science is more than creating prototypes. MLOps focuses on managing and automating machine learning pipelines and therefore creating real and sustainable business applications. We will address the whole development-operations-life-cycle including pipeline main-tenance, data collection & access, infrastructure, operational aspects, delivery to production and many more.

Implementing socially-acceptable data-based applications
A wide range of Data Science solutions are in place. However, there are big differences between the technical implementation and the soci-al perception of these solutions. Therefore, we want to understand deeper how to build socially accepted data-based applications.