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Videos & Slides

Track 1

Jean-Marie Alder and David Wannier – Applied DevSecOps for Machine Learning Prediction Systems – Slides

Samuel von Baussnern and Nithya Shetty – FIFA Data Hub: from the pitch to your screens – Slides

Sreetama Basu, Yuntao Li and Pavlin Mavrodiev – Responsible use of AI/ML at UBS: incorporating algorithmic fairness in real business settings – Slides

Paola Bianchi – Using AI for automatic hail damage assessment – Slides

Francesca Dominici – How much evidence do you need? Data Science to Inform Environmental and Climate Change Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Slides

Track 2

Sofia Casarin – Unsupervised Network Anomaly Detection by Learning on 2D Data Representations – Slides

Md Delwar Hossain and Hideya Ochiai – Smart Meter Modbus RS-485 Spoofing Attack Detection by LSTM Deep Learning Approach – Slides

Alexander Kayed – Weight watching bees – kickstart labeling using unsupervised anomaly detection – Slides

Thoralf Mildenberger and Kurt Stockinger – The Discrepancies between Global Data Science Trends, Data Science Curricula and Actual Practice in Enterprises – Slides

Lilach Goren Huber – Scaling-Up Deep Learning Based Predictive Maintenance for Commercial Machine Fleets: a Case Study – Slides

Luca Baldassarre and Anupam Datta – AI explainability and fairness: practical tips for building high-quality AI

Track 3

Vincent Braunack-Mayer and Linda Stougaard Nielsen – What Women Want: Designing Algorithms to Seek and Avoid Pregnancy – Slides

Firat Saritas and Simon Stähli – Using Acoustic Signal to Predict Grain Size of Bedload Particles – Slides

Jerome Raguin – Automating the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Performance Assessment of Corporation – Slides

Cédric Bleuler and Sonja Gassner – Ambient Assisted Living for Elderly People – Slides

Fabian Gampfer – Continuous AI – Leverage the combined power of AutoML and MLOps – Slides

Simon Narduzzi – Adaptation of MobileNet-V2 for Face Detection on Ultra-Low Power Platform – Slides

Stephan Müller – Leveraging Serverless Architectures for ML Model Deployment – Slides

Faqeer ur Rehman – MT4UML: Metamorphic Testing for Unsupervised Machine Learning – Slides

Simone Griesser and Guang Lu – Exploring owner-based brand personality on Facebook and LinkedIn with Natural-Language-Processing (NLP)

Track 4

Carina Mieth – How data and AI are fostering sustainability in manufacturing – Slides

Jürg Meierhofer – On the Value of Data: Multi-Objective Maximization of Value Creation in Data-Driven Industrial Services – Slides

Armand Valsesia – Real-time Recommendation Engine: adapting players’ experience – Lessons learnt from prototyping to production – Slides

Fran Peric – How to Get NLP Models to Do What We Want Them To – Slides

Simone Roesler and Michael Tomka – Life as a Data Scientist at La Mobilière – Slides

Philipp Thomann – Data Science in the Metaverse – Slides

Christoph Heitz – Group Fairness in Prediction-Based Decision Making: From Moral Assessment to Implementation – Slides

Paulius Danenas – Showcase: Implementing MLOps process for Health Monitoring System – Slides

Maximilian Harms – Everyday AI, Extraordinary People – Slides